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Cannabis history, much like history in general, can have some hard to pinpoint origins. Some stories depend on who you ask and where they were at the time. It’s surprising though that something so known in the industry has such a layered origin. Can several things be true at once? Is everything with the name OG in it actually an “OG”? As mentioned, it depends on who you ask! It depends on who is smoking it and more importantly how it was grown.

The most common thread of the origin for OGs is that it originated in California with some pot pioneers that got the seeds of their fave indica strain from the Kush mountains in India. This makes sense since the name is literally OG Kush! But for whatever reason that isn’t the only theory out there around what the real OG really is.

It has also been said that OG isn’t necessarily the Original Gangster from the Kush mountains but more so from the oceans of the California coast. With this case OG is a moniker for Ocean Grown. This represents those seeds that dwelled on the dewy coasts in Cali easily blooming within the ocean breeze and sunshine. With California being a leader in cannabis history and legislation, it’s fair for it to have its own way of signifying what was grown in its territory. This would also let anyone in the industry that wants that kind of Cali green in particular know exactly what they are smoking.

What is clear though is that many themes of the OG origin stem from California! Along with that during the 1990’s many southern California rappers toted their blunts and pounds in the studio, their music videos and openly rhymed about being cannabis connoisseurs. That has a double entendre with the name Original Gangster or OG and in this case definitely has a street scene feel for it. The gangsters were smoking copious amounts of cannabis while also marketing these OG strains.

What is unequivocally true is that OG Kush was the first name for sure. This bud is known for its earthy aroma with danky terpenic notes to put you at the desired indica mood. It is such a gracious, easy going feel that relaxes and soothes. It’s worth being replicated. It is worth knowing its name! It is worth being familiar with.

There are several dozen strains with the name OG in it but you can find some of the best and most outstandingly good strains at Arts District Cannabis located at 542 S. Alameda St! Here the weed is grown with the best and utmost care. Go by the shop and check out their original kush strains such as: Tahoe OG, Pure Kush, Triangle Kush and OG Kush to name a few! But before you light up and drift to higher heights remember to give thanks to the OG’s of cannabis and some noteworthy originals in your own life as well- we are one!

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