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Originally by Dorthy K.

Do you vape? In recent times, the realm of vaping has undergone a wondrous transformation, birthing an array of options from distillates to rosins, each summoning unique flavors and experiences in the world of cannabis. But what secrets do these variations hold, and how does one choose the perfect fit? Let’s dive in.

Distillate Vapes: My Go-To for Potency

In my experience, distillate vapes are the heavy hitters. They’re incredibly potent, often soaring past 90% THC. I’ve noticed they’re perfect for those moments when I’m looking for a powerful and quick effect. Plus, they’re flavorless and odorless, which is great when I need to be discreet. I’d suggest distillate if you are looking for something strong, or fast acting. Distillate is great for adding to edibles, given their neutral flavor.However its not the best for a full-spectrum experience, but perfect for potency.

Live Resin Vapes: For the Love of Flavor

Live resin has been a game changer for me. The method of freezing freshly harvested cannabis to extract it preserves all those delicious terpenes. It’s like capturing the essence of the plant in a vape. Every time I use a live resin vape, I’m struck by the depth of flavor and aroma.

Why I Love It

– The flavor is unmatched, it’s like a fine wine of cannabis.
– It offers a more nuanced high due to the entourage effect.
– It’s a bit pricier, but for a flavor enthusiast like me, it’s worth every penny.

Rosin Vapes: The Natural Choice

As someone who appreciates the more natural side of things, rosin vapes are a real treat. This solventless extract is all about purity and authenticity. Using heat and pressure to extract the goodness, rosin maintains a beautiful balance of THC and terpenes.

What makes it different?

– It’s clean and natural, which aligns with my ethos.
– The flavor is rich and pure, reflecting the true character of the plant.
– While not as potent as distillate, it offers a fantastic, well-rounded experience.

In the end

You can’t really go wrong with either option. It really depends on the type of high you are looking for, your budget and ultimately if they have the strain you like. Interested in trying a different type of vape?

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