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OCTOBER 2023 ll Britt Black Yogini

Would you like a little more green for your holidays? Not money but marijuana- yes! Let’s be clear, the holidays, though brought forth with good intention, can be a time of increased stress. The American Psychological Association states that 38% of people surveyed said they experience an increase of stress during the holidays. One of the biggest things cannabis is good at relieving is stress! Find out some of our best holiday treats that can be a gift to your loved ones or yourself!

For the chocolate lovers please try Punch Bar Cookie Delights. They come in nearly a dozen flavors like toffee, dark chocolate with vanilla cookie and white chocolate with chocolate cookie just to name a few. Their taste is delicious and soothing to the heart just like one would want for their holiday treats. Though they are fully loaded with taste, be mindful of the dosage because they come in 100mgs and can be hard to say no to after the first bite. Punch Bar is known for being properly sized, flavorful and high dosed- so if the milligrams isn’t an issue go ahead and enjoy the whole thing. This company has been around since 2013 and has about 30 different chocolate bar flavors so there’s at least one with your name on it. This can be a great dessert or pregame for the holiday gatherings.

Next up is LEVEL ProTabs! This is a sublingual pill-like tab of concentrated THC that comes in a discreet black box with dosage details on the back. ProTabs is not strain specific but it is extra strength and kicks in relatively soon after ingesting. They are highly recommended for those that want to get the feeling without all the extras. Coming in Indica, Hybrid, Sativa and CBD there’s a ProTab for every mood. They even have one called Recovery that features THCa, CBDa, CBG, and CBC- this is who you call when you have that morning hangover from too many drinks and need to get ready for the day! Or you can take a more safety first route and pop one of these in before doing the holiday drinking. LEVEL believes that “ Cannabis is a journey we take together” so as you’re picking up for your desired feeling make sure to grab an extra one to gift to your favorite cousin!

Tahoe OG- this heavy hitting indica will put nearly anyone at ease. At Arts District Cannabis the genetics of this strain have been highly and carefully crafted to give consistent buds and experience. Great for bodily aches, pains and insomnia this strain pairs well for anyone experiencing added stress when thinking of all the holiday planning, hosting or simply just showing up to your mother’s house. Let your mind be at rest and smoke on the best with this well known and undefeated Tahoe OG indica strain. And again, don’t be stingy- get an extra 1/8th for your favorite cousin to join you in the high-liday cheer!

If you’re the type to play football with the kids or dance until your feet are sore the next day cause the tunes were just right- you need Buddies 1:1 topical for those knees and anywhere else it hurts. This finely formulated topical is similar to icy hot except it has weed in it and for that reason makes it so much better. One of the main reasons this is a number one holiday treat is because of the combination of THC and CBD. THC is good for targeting pain, whether it is being smoked or applied topically pain relief is where the magic lives. CBD is key for targeting inflammation in the body. So when they are combined there’s a great chance that it will ease the pain and swelling that comes with accidental injuries while at play during family gatherings. Apply this before or after an activity where you know the body usually experiences pain and inflammation. Be sure that there’s no open wounds, apply it to a clean area and let Buddies take care of the rest. Oh, should you be reminded of your cousin again? Make sure to get one for them too!

Last but not least, let’s add OpiNot 1:1 night time tincture to your cart because it’s going to be there after all the relatives go home! With added milligrams of melatonin this night time tincture is sure to knock you off your feet and put you right to sleep. OpiNot is a CBD led brand that focuses on holistic natural cures for pain relief and other symptoms rather than prescription pills that at times can lead to more problems than solutions. Opioid addiction has reached startling numbers and reached most age groups due to how highly addictive it is. OpiNot tinctures however are not highly addictive and can be used daily or as needed without problem. The night time formula specifically aids in getting a good night’s sleep which is key to good health overall. So when the night is over and the belly is full– take a couple drops of the OpiNot 1:1 night time tincture to put the day behind you. This can be something kept for yourself or go ahead and treat your cousin that keeps being mentioned to sound worry free sleep as well!

Cannabis is great for anytime of the year. But this is a reminder to share the goodness of this herbal flower with the ones you love most this holiday. As shown here there are quite a few ways to consume cannabis without smoking it. So use it for what it’s good for. Tinctures and topicals are great for those that want to keep it discreet and simple like your grandmother or those that are green to cannabis. Edibles are fun, tasty and shareable like your favorite dessert- so think of it that way! It’s clear who you can share the buds with and take a smoke break so keep them in mind too! But wherever you find yourself this holiday season- let’s hope you are on the high road with a clear view!

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